Tucker Carlson Furious Over Those Who Are Rooting For Trump’s Death

As President Donald Trump heads back to the White House from Walter Reed Hospital where he was treated for coronavirus, some on the left are expressing their displeasure at the fact President Trump is recovering.

Tucker Carlson is furious at their lack of decency.

“You don’t need to be a Trump partisan to feel good about the president’s recovery,” said Carlson during a recent show. “You just need to be a decent person. The moment you find yourself rooting for another man’s death is the moment you need to stop immediately in your tracks, pause and take stock of your soul.”

Tucker argued that the media is treading on dangerous ground by promoting conspiracy theories about the president’s health because Trump’s own health may expose their angry deception.

“You might conclude the coronavirus isn’t quite as scary as they’re telling you it is,” said Carlson. “You might regret giving up your constitutional rights in a panic last spring, or letting them destroy the American economy in response.”

To read more of Tucker’s comments, click here.

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