Trump administration to end Obama-era faith-based adoption restrictions

The Trump administration just announced that it’s planning on ending an Obama-era rule restricting federal funding for faith-based foster care and adoption services.

This move is seen as a major step towards both defending religious freedom and increasing the availability of adoptive and foster homes.

Fox News reports that “the new rule, proposed Thursday, reverses regulations under the Obama administration that required religious organizations to get a waiver in order to apply for an HHS grant, unless they include sexual orientation as a protected trait under anti-discrimination protections.”

LBGT activist groups are decrying the roll-back of Obama’s regulations, saying that the repeal will decrease the number of homes available for children.

Ironically, Obama’s hastily-passed led bill led to the city of Philadelphia banning Catholic Social Services from placing children in homes because of the church’s views on marriage, which displaced hundreds of children in need of a home.

According to the Washington Examiner, “the city then had to put out an urgent call for hundreds of available foster families since it could not find enough homes on its own.”

Repealing the restrictions simply ensures that all adoption agencies have access to federal funding, regardless of religious affiliation, turning the focus back on placing children in loving homes instead of enforcing a politically-correct agenda.

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