Trump Responds To Allegations He Called Dead Soldiers ‘Losers’

The leftist Trump haters are salivating over a new piece in the Atlantic today which claims President Donald Trump disparaged military soldiers who had died and were buried in a cemetery by calling them “losers.”

However, both the While House and Trump strongly denied the report and offered counter evidence to discredit.

But here’s the main point. The anti-Trump liberals have spent 3 years slamming the President over hyperbole, sarcasm, lies and reckless rhetoric. But what is the basis of this now viral report about Trump and his alleged insult? An anonymous source.

You read that right.

The political world is reeling over an anonymous source. The Atlantic isn’t even considered main stream so its requirements for what passes as a competent anonymous source is questionable. Take that with the current trend over the last few years to move even further away from anonymous sources in an effort to strengthen investigation and fight misinformation.

But here are the 2020 Democrats drooling over a piece that slams the commander and chief with no basis other than alleged leak who is either non-existent or is cowardly hiding behind the mask of anonymity.

And spare me the argument he or she, if real, needs to be protected. Every insider turned Trump critic has been applauded and given valuable book deals. Romney, Bolton, Flake etc… are they considered villains by the press? Not at all, they are lauded as heroes and principled.

So what does this reveal? That the left is only discontented about misinformation and deception when it helps Donald Trump but lies that hurt Trump will be plastered on the front page of every paper and given top billing on MSNBC.

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