CNN panelist: Trump is ‘least physically capable president’ since FDR


Democrats have gotten so desperate in the face of Trump’s inevitable 2020 win, they’re now attacking his appearance and physical health. 

Political commentator David Frum said during a CNN appearance on Sunday, “Donald Trump was one of the oldest presidents ever, one of the fattest presidents ever, the least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. He can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it.”

Frum’s comments came during a panel discussion on how politicians, including Trump, use social media to accomplish their agenda.

“It has an effect on people’s affirmative ideas. One of the things that Donald Trump tried to spin in 2016 was that Hillary Clinton was somehow physically incapable of managing the presidency. I mean, it’s audacious,” Frum concluded.

Others have attempted to diagnose Trump with various health issues, including most recently, neurological deterioration.

Barack Obama’s White House physician, Dr. David Scheiner, said in November that “I think he [Trump] is someone who has some neurological issues, which no one has ever really addressed,” before going on to speculate that Trump may have suffered a series of “small strokes.”

Trump’s latest physical results, released in Mid-February, show that although the president is clinically obese, he is in “very good health overall.” The comprehensive physical was conducted by 11 different specialists and overseen by Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, at the Walter Reed Military Hospital.

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