Trump: I Have Power To Send In Military To Stop Violent Rioters

President Donald Trump made it clear he isn’t going to tolerate the lawless and violent actions of the criminal rioters across the country.

When pushed about whether he will send in the military, Trump said he could but that the national guard could probably do the job.

“We have very strong powers to do it,” said Trump in regards to his authority to send in the military. “The National Guard is customary, and we have a very powerful National Guard, over 300,000 men and women. And we can do pretty much whatever we want as far as that. But as far as going beyond that, sure, if it was necessary. We have Antifa. We have anarchists. We have terrorists. We have looters. We have a lot of bad people in those groups.”

Trump noted that there are bad actors using George Floyd’s killing to make political points.

“There are a lot of bad people, and there are a lot of good people, there are some great people. But there are a lot of really, really bad people in there,” Trump said.

To read more about Trump and the military, click herehere.

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