Trump Gains Ground With Black Voters After RNC

The numbers are coming back and they are fantastic for President Donald Trump.

An Emerson poll shows that Trump, unlike Joe Biden, did receive a substantial polling bump after the Republican National Convention. The Democrat Convention resulted in flat polling number for Biden.

Furthermore, the poll reveals that Trump’s performance among African-American voters is improving.

The poll found that Biden garnered 77 percent support among the demographic, compared to 19 percent for the incumbent. Although Emerson does not appear to have data measuring support among black voters in July, a similar poll taken by Zogby Analytics found Biden leading Trump, 77 percent to 14 percent.

Breitbart News concludes that “If the poll is accurate, it poses a major problem for Biden and his party moving into the general election. Most Democrat strategists point to a drop-off in black turnout between 2012 and 2016 as the primary reason for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loss four years ago.”

To read more about this story and see the full polling data, click here.

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