Trump: Flag Burners Should Get At Least One Year In Jail

Unlike the liberal milquetoasts on the left, President Donald Trump still values symbols of democracy like our American flag.

Trump made that abundantly clear when he recently said he wanted jail time for those who are burning Old Glory.

“Two days ago, leftist radicals in Portland, Oregon, ripped down a statue of George Washington and wrapped it in an American flag and set the American flag on fire,” said Trump. “And you know, we ought to do something, Mr. Senators… we ought to come up with legislation that if you burn the American flag, you go to jail for one year,” Trump said during his Tulsa rally.

“We should have legislation that if somebody wants to burn the American flag and stomp on it, but just burn it, they go to jail for one year,” Trump told the crowd.

To read more about Trump’s comments, click here.

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