Trump Brings Back Campaign Spending With Massive $10M Ad Spend

After a brief pause, President Donald Trump has put the pedal to the metal with a massive increase in ad spending for his 2020 presidential campaign.

According to Fox News, a senior Trump campaign official said the buy as “worth more than $10 million” and is “an increase to the campaign’s existing television ad buy by more than 50%.”

“The new round of ads will include one national cable buy, as well as local broadcast buys in eight key early voting states, adding a new ad presence in Arizona and Pennsylvania, while continuing ads in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin,” reports Fox News.

There is now less than 50 days before the election and every dollar spent is strategically crucial.

Not only is the amount of ads increasing, but the message of the ads is shifting.

“The content of the new ads will shift from the message of recent ad buys – painting the president as the ‘law and order’ candidate – and resume its pitch of a strong economy under Trump,” notes a Trump campaign spokesman.

To read more about Trump’s campaign strategy, click here.

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