Trump administration snubs Amazon, gives cloud contract to Microsoft

The Trump administration has been expected to announce the award of a much-coveted $10 billion dollar cloud contract to Amazon any day now.

Instead, the administration shocked everyone by granting the contract to Microsoft, one of Amazon’s biggest competitors. 

Donald Trump has long been an outspoken critic of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, most recently attacking the Bezos-owned “Amazon Washington Post.”

However, this is not the only controversy surrounding the contract. According to the Daily Caller:

Computing giant Oracle, for instance, alleged in a May 31 complaint that former DOD official Deap Ubhi was offered shares in Amazon and a salary with the big tech giant while he was finding a company to help build out JEDI. Ubhi never recused himself, according to the document. And then the president found out about the deal.

Trump announced afterward that “I’m getting tremendous complaints about the contract with the Pentagon and with Amazon. They’re saying it wasn’t competitively bid.” He then put a hold on the deal in order to reevaluate the options.

The DOD announced the official decision Friday, and noted that the contract will address “critical and urgent unmet warfighter requirements for modern cloud infrastructure at all three classification levels delivered out to the tactical edge.”

A spokesman for Amazon expressed surprise at the administration’s decision and maintained that “[Amazon] is the clear leader in cloud computing, and a detailed assessment purely on the comparative offerings clearly led to a different conclusion.”

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