Top Democrat Admits It – Nation Stunned

The moderate Democrats were silent as Antifa and the ultra-left called to defund the police.

Even Joe Biden said the Democrats are not against the police. But they are. They hate the police.

Read as House Majority Chief Deputy Whip Dan Kildee admits what the Democrats really think:

First of all, if the crowd had been black or Muslim, it would have been a disaster even greater than it was. Because we know what the instinct would have been for people in law enforcement, that would have been to open fire.

Let that sink in. The Democrats think police officers have a natural urge to shoot black people and Muslims.

Of course this is absurd, so why say it? The result will be deadly. When populations believe the lies the Democrats tell them, then they might honestly think a police officer is looking for a reason to shoot them.

Statistically, that is been proven false repeatedly and definitively.

But here they are on CNN with a straight face telling the America people that police officers natural instinct is to shoot innocent people of color.

These are reckless lies. These lies plant fear in minds where there should be peace.

This is not unity. This is not healing.

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