Top Coronavirus Scientist Caught In Disturbing Scheme

Professor Neil Ferguson has become a virtual household name for his work modeling and predicting the future effects of the coronavirus.

But now he’s transitioned from famous to a laughing stock.

Ferguson was recently busted violating his own social distancing recommendations so he could engage in an affair with a married lover over a decade younger than he is. Revelations of his nocturnal scheming have brought him scorn in his home country of Britain.

But his greatest shame may not be that he failed to keep 6 feet away from a married youngster. Rather, it is his now failing coronavirus predictions which rightly make him a target of scorn.

“Few men in recent British history, I would argue, have done more long-term damage to their country,” said Breitbart author James Delingpole. “It’s about time this was recognised by two important groups: by the politicians who, up till now, have been taking him seriously as their guru; and by the general populace, a significant portion of which has been terrified by his doom-laden prognostications into a hysteria out of all proportion to the nature of the actual threat posed by coronavirus.”

Perhaps awareness of Ferguson’s nighttime indiscretions will give British lawmakers courage to reevaluate his professional shortcomings.

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