Tomi Lahren: Cuomo’s Ability To Play The Victim Is Amazing

Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren just dropped a bombshell on Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Lahren called Cuomo a “narcissistic tyrant” then explained how the left treats Cuomo differently because he joins them in their disdain for Donald Trump:

Cancel culture is not what happens to an elected official after he or she sends thousands of seniors to an early grave, covers it up, and/or allegedly sexually harasses and intimidates women. So don’t get it twisted, bud…What about the timing? The sexual allegations may have surfaced rather recently, but the nursing home debacle has been public knowledge for months and prior to the election. The Democrats shirked that off leading up to November because Cuomo’s deathly leadership decisions did not supersede or exceed his ‘gold standard’ hatred for Donald Trump.

Lahren went on to say she was “amazed” at Cuomo’s ability to “play the victim.”

To read more about Lahren’s comments, click here.

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2 Responses

  1. Thousands of Souls need Justice and they won’t get it with denial.
    Many Women need Justice and they won’t get it with denial.
    Who in the Liberal Party is Man or Woman enough to punish him?
    Pepe le Pew Cuomo needs to go too.

  2. I will believe it when I see this pervert hopefully in jail. The communist left disguised as democraps, will cover his posterior. If they can steal an election and control the government with little resistance from those who pay the bills; then they will cover cuomo from prosecution.

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