Tom Cotton: It Should Be a Crime To Take Chinese Money

Sen. Tom Cotton is ratcheting up the pressure on the communist regime of China. His most recent effort is suggesting the United States make it a crime to take Chinese money.

This would be a massive hit to the economy that supports China’s authoritarian regime.

Cotton’s comments came up during an interview with Breitbart regarding China’s “theft” of intellectual property.

“The Chinese Communist Party continues its campaign of intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer,” said Cotton. “It is past time for us to insist this stop. The Trump administration and the president have been doing that in various ways. I’ve got legislation that would take more steps, as well. So, for instance, criminalizing the payment of money to American professors and academics who are on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party or their state-owned enterprises.”

Then Cotton said the act of taking Chinese money should be “criminalized:

Right now, you can only prosecute those cases for things like wire fraud or lying on federal documents. It’s the act of accepting the Chinese money, itself, that should be criminalized. There are other steps we can take, as well, to stand up for American companies that shouldn’t have to transfer their intellectual property to Chinese partners simply as a condition of doing business with Chinese consumers.

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