This Stat About Harvard Freshmen Should Make America Terrified

Harvard has been held out a bastion of academic excellence. And while we have known for a long time that a Harvard education is overpriced, ultra-liberal, and a terrible return on investment, the truth may actually worse than we thought.

First, remember that Harvard prides itself on promoting diverse thought and robust debate.

Then get a load of this stat: 90% of all Harvard freshmen support Joe Biden.

Ninety percent.

Where is there diversity of thought? Oh right, they measure diversity in every way except the on their marketing materials.

“90 percent of the freshman at Harvard said that they preferred president-elect Joe Biden to President Donald Trump in a poll taken ahead of this month’s presidential election,” reports Breitbart News.

America should have great concern for future generations when an Ivy League education is synonymous with robot-like group think. We are headed the wrong direction in college classrooms and it’s time to change.

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