Texas GOP Savages Joe Biden For Border Mistakes

Joe Biden may not want to call the situation at the southern border a “crisis,” but reality is staring the nation in the face and the Texas GOP isn’t going to let Biden escape it.

According to Fox News, “Texas Republicans are pointing to the recent apprehensions of convicted sex criminals at the southern border as an example of the kind of criminal element they believe are taking advantage of President Biden’s immigration policies.”

“Agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector captured three convicted sexual predators β€” Jose Estuardo Martinez, Tony Canales-Velasquez and an unnamed Mexican national β€” between Monday and Wednesday of this week,” reported Fox News based on a CBP release.

In response to that, Congressperson Troy Nehls dropped a bombshell:

I’m glad to see these predators taken off the streets but what should concern all Americans are the additional criminal illegal immigrants crossing our southern border undetected because of the mass migration at our southern border. Biden is complicit in the human trafficking and drug trafficking profiting from his reckless open border policies, and it’ll ultimately be on law enforcement and local communities to clean up this Biden Border Crisis.

To read more about this concerning story, click here.

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10 Responses

  1. So sad! Why doesn’t Congress impeach this whole administration and the House for supporting this! This is so criminal for both sides. The children crossing without family and criminals along with them but this administration doesn’t care who gets killed or hurt I guess. This country is facing evil actions and I pray there are enough Godly people in America that will help keep us to survive to get through this crisis because we don’t seem to have a government that cares. Thanks to the hard working Border Patrol that are helping and others that do care.

  2. China Joe and Harris the horror we’re were the biggest mistake when they forgot to flush the toilet that’s what comes crawling out and then you’ve got a bunch of ignorant Democrats that are proud to vote for a piece of s***

  3. Dems say 80+ million people voted for biden and harris. Well, IF that’s true, which I doubt, then there’s 80+ million retards ending up with everything they deserve. Problem is, there’s ALL the rest of America having to put up with a pedo and slut in OUR White House!

  4. How come no one questions that 75 million people voted for Trump and 80 million allegedly vote for Biden but there are only 135 million registered voters in the country? Is this the new math?

  5. Pelosi needs to be investigated for her part in the fraud election.
    Biden is not a legal president. Voter fraud is a felony. Felony
    that mandates jail time.

    It is a shame that the dems have no honesty or integrity.

  6. Please tell me how much longer will we have to put up with this
    idiot. But if he is gone we may get worse with the V.P

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