Texas COVID Numbers Prove Biden Was Wrong

President Joe Biden called Texas’ pullback of mask mandates a “neanderthal” way of thinking.

But the numbers are in and Biden is dead wrong.

“Just over two weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted coronavirus mandates allowing businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity and made masks optional, the red state is still reporting decreases in cases and hospitalizations,” reports Fox News.

“Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%.” tweeted Gov. Abbott. “We also recorded the largest daily number of vaccines administered to Texans: 342,849. More Texans getting vaccines will keep down the positivity rate. Always voluntary.”

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11 Responses

  1. Biden is a disgraceful person…… a disgrace to the USA.
    He is the who is a “neanderthal”…… and to call American citizens that… just show how much of a bully Biden really is. Mean, Nasty and only thinks of himself…. just like what Nancy Pelosi is doing…. a Bully.


  2. Now the Gov, needs to send the National Guard to the southern borders and put an end to the immigration problem. He has the Constitutional authority to do so because a risk to the health and we’ll being of 25 million Texans are at in question. I don’t think our neanderthal way of wanting peace and safety should come into question here, I know people in this state will sleep better at night

  3. Come on man…admit that you don’t have a clue as to how to handle the border CRISIS. Just shove it off on incapable Kamala then you don’t have to think about it or the people that are being impacted. The very people you pledged to work for. Come on man.

  4. Someone from Texas needs to come to Michigan to tell our dictator governor how to run a state. She is a disgrace to humanity. Still putting virus patients into nursing homes. Joe Biden couldn’t care less. All democrats are useless unamerican fools.

    1. Currently, in my opinion, Michigan is a leaderless state. This is what happens when voters elect a governor that has no leadership skills. In the 2018 primaries Whitmer was the lessor of three evils. Too bad the Republicans didn’t have a decent candidate, because Bill Schuette was no bargain either. Perhaps the voters will do a little more homework and properly research the candidates and issues in 2022 when she is up for reelection. But then that four letter word “WORK” comes in.

  5. Only a matter of time under this admin that we will become a third world nation if we do not stand up and do something.
    What happened to the spirit of the American patriots?
    Are we going to sit on our butts and watch our beloved homeland crumble ? Sad thing is there is no place we can move to when things fall apart like people from other nations do. there will be no free nation to flee to.

  6. The ones carrying the load have been so battered it is hard to get up there are so many woke people that think their way is the only and will wake p one day and say Whhhat happened. they do not want to work or take responsibility for anything. everything is someone else’s fault They have no faults.

  7. I hope that the numbers don’t change. However with creepy, pedophile, quid quo pro joe’s handling of the border crisis that may change dramatically.

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