Ted Cruz On COVID Relief Bill: Count Me Out

The conservative Senator from Texas isn’t going along with the flow when it comes to the massive spending bill packaged as “relief” to America.

Ted Cruz, along with 5 other GOP Senators, voted against the 6,000 page bill which he dubbed a “legislative monstrosity.”

Cruz, in a detailed statement, objected to the bill saying it will “escape close scrutiny because three times, congressional Democrats rejected good faith efforts to pass targeted relief.”

“The final COVID-19 package rejects Democrats’ misguided attempts to bail out blue states’ underfunded pension plans and replenishes the Paycheck Protection Program – which will go a long way in helping small businesses keep their doors open and employees on the payroll,” Cruz said.

But that’s the end of the good news, according to Cruz. “Unfortunately, this behemoth did not end there,” said the Texas Senator.

Instead of making fiscally responsible spending cuts to cover some of the expense, Cruz noted that the bill advanced the “interests of the radical Left, special interests, and swamp lobbyists, with funding going towards expanding authority for more H-2B visas for foreign workers while a near record number of Americans remain unemployed, as well as laying the ground work for Democrats to implement the ‘Green New Deal’ by claiming a ‘need’ to meet the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, or zero-emission energy sources.”

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