Ted Cruz: Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett Are ‘Deranged’

The ultra-left wing of our nation have pulled out all the stops to prevent President Donald Trump’s lates Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed. But many see their efforts as going too far.

Senator Ted Cruz is definitely in that camp.

“It’s twisted and deranged,” said Cruz about criticisms of Barrett’s family. “They are coming after her hard, they’re coming after her family, and I think it will get worse. Sadly, this is a pattern we’ve seen.”

Cruz said that the recent attacks are part of a concerning patter:

It’s interesting, by the way, we don’t do that to Democratic nominees. There’s never been a Democratic nominee who’s been Borked. We’ll engage with them on substance, we’ll engage with them on issues, but the kind of slime and personal attack — you know, for Brett Kavanaugh, he’s got two young daughters. The agony and the pressure that was put on his family was disgusting.

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