Shep Smith LEAVES Fox News

We all knew this would happen eventually. Shep Smith, the longtime opponent of Donald Trump has just announced he is leaving Fox News.

This Friday, Shep announced his departure from the network saying that he is ready to begin a “new chapter” in his life. It was an abrupt announcement where Smith revealed to the audience on his show that he wouldn’t be back on Fox:

“This is my last newscast here.”

Smith revealed that the decision was entirely his, saying that Fox “graciously obliged” when he asked to be let go.

A report by CNN even suggests that Smith might have gotten into an argument with management:

“Such a departure, occurring suddenly on a Friday afternoon in the middle of an anchor’s contract cycle, suggest a severe fissure between Smith and Fox management, though both sides spoke favorably of one another when announcing the exit.”

You can read the full report about Smith yourself here.

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