Shep Smith’s Departure From Fox Was Rocky

On Friday, Fox News host Shep Smith officially announced that he would be leaving the network after YEARS of clashing with co-stars over political issues. Although Smith claims that his transition away from Fox went cordially, others speculate that the opposite happened.

For instance, CNN’s Brian Stelter has just suggested that Shepard Smith’s abrupt departure from Fox News happened because he couldn’t stand being around the network, and that he”couldn’t take it anymore.”

According to Stelter’s sources, Smith reached his limit with Fox News – and couldn’t even stand his relationship with them:

“Sources tell me that he was simply appalled by some of the opinion hosts’ comments. He felt that he had been marginalized. There wasn’t room for him anymore.”

Simply put, Shep Smith gave up. And then, after making the decision to leave Fox, he tried to paint it as some cordial parting of ways, while in reality, he left the network because his relationship with Fox was toxic. Don’t let his big talk fool you. Nothing about this was cordial.

You can read the full story yourself here.

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