Senator Hawley Sends Savage Message To Big Tech

Senator Josh Hawley has had enough of the arrogance of Facebook and Twitter. Now he’s demanding an apology.

“I hope an apology will be forthcoming from the Biden campaign and from Facebook and Twitter and all these people who censored the New York Post,” said Hawley.

Specifically, Hawley is referring to the communist-type censorship and banning that both platforms carried out against users who attempted to tell the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

But now that the voting is over, even CNN is talking about it. I wonder what changed?

Well the voting is over so that’s what changed. But that’s not going to fly with Sen. Hawley:

Turns out, guess what, the New York Post was right. Hunter Biden is under investigation for money laundering, for tax fraud, and it involves his Chinese business dealings. I want to know is Joe Biden involved? What did the vice president know? We know that Hunter was traveling to China on a government plane in order to try to seek out business. Now, he is under investigation for federal crimes for this. What did Joe Biden know, and when did he know it? He needs to answer questions.

The idea that Joe Biden has nothing to do with this, and we should just take his word that he never talked to Hunter about his business dealings — we know that’s not true. The laptop emails make clear that that’s not true. There’s going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered here.

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