Senator David Perdue Makes Announcement About Election ‘Anomalies’

Republican Senator David Perdue is in fight of his life in the middle of the Georgia Senate runoff election. However, he doesn’t want to be fighting in an unfair election.

Sen. Perdue is demanding that the “anomalies” that happened during the November election not occur during the January runoff contest.

“This is a very serious issue. Look, up until 2020, Georgia didn’t have this problem,” said Sen Perdue. “This is all a result of consent to create that came out of a lawsuit, and we have just got to put a stop to this because the anomalies that happened in November, they cannot happen in January.”

Perdue noted that the Senate must take action:

We’ve got to do everything we can in the senate. Well, our team right now is focused on getting the vote out in Georgia and making sure that everybody that voted in November understands what is at stake and comes back out and votes.

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