Sen. Tom Cotton Exposes Biden As Weak and Wrong

As the nation prepares to make its decision about Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Sen. Tom Cotton wants to get his evidence on the former Vice President heard by the American people.

“Barack Obama’s own secretary of Defense said Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major national security decision for the last 40 years,” said Cotton to Breitbart News.

“I’m going to expose Joe Biden as weak and wrong for America,” Cotton said in reference to his speech at the Republican Convention.

“Joe Biden opposed the mission to kill Usama bin Laden,” said Cotton. “Donald Trump rained death from the skies on the terrorist leaders of ISIS and Iran. Joe Biden treated Israel like a nuisance. Donald Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem and brokered peace in the Middle East.”

Cotton closed his interview by concluding “Joe Biden will be weak and wrong for America. Donald Trump will be strong.”

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