Sen. Rand Paul Has An Idea To Fix The Upcoming Debates

It’s clear many were less than impressed with the outcome of the first Presidential debate. You can add Sen.Rand Paul name to that list.

“It was exhausting even to watch, much less participate in,” said Paul. “I frankly don’t think that it was that informative.”

But Paul is not without a proposed solution to make the future debates better.

“Why don’t we do a 30-minute interview with each candidate in separate rooms?” suggested Paul. “Don’t put them in the same room, but really try to get a little bit more of an in-depth conversation and challenge them and push them to answer questions more completely.”

Paul argued his proposal would be more appealing to undecided voters:

I don’t think that it was that great for the people in the middle, those who are undecided. I don’t think that there was a lot garnered last night that might convince you either way.

To read more about Paul’s comments, click here.

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