Rush Limbaugh: Dems Want Shut Down To Continue To Hurt Trump’s Re-Election Chances

The Democrats may feign despair over the current state of the nation, but Rush Limbaugh isn’t buying it.

“The American left and the Democrat Party is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown — and blow up their own country’s jobs — just to ensure that Trump loses,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh went on to explain how the Democrat governors of blue states are waging a war against Trump to wreck the economy.

Let’s do a little hypothetical. Let’s say this continues as it is, and let’s say that more and more red states open up and the economy in these states starts to return and revive. The blue states stay locked down. These are populous places — New York, Massachusetts, California. So they stay locked down all for the express purpose of canceling out the increase created by the red states. The economic activity that will happen from the red states going back to work, the blue state governors are gonna try to cancel it out by keeping their people at home. They’re gonna wreck the economy. Their objective is to wreck the economy and get rid of Trump.

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain. The left cares about nothing more than defeating Trump. Not jobs. Not health. Not voters. Defeating Trump is everything to them.

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