Roger Stone: I Would Support a Trump Campaign In 2024

Donald Trump may have just got his first endorsement for a possible 2024 campaign for president.

“If he ran again I would certainly support him, but four years is a very long time,” said Roger Stone. “What will happen now based on history is the Democrats and academia and the media will seek to bury his great accomplishments.”

Stone spoke about Trump before his CPAC speech:

The American people need to be reminded that we had the greatest jobs boom in American history, for example, under President Trump, that we rebuilt our military strength, that we negotiated much, much better trade deals — so I favor some kind of Trump Legacy Project to remind the people of how much this man accomplished with the opposition of elite leadership of both parties.

Then Stone hinted Trump may in fact choose to run again. “I think that’s very important if the president has a comeback in mind which he may decide to do,” said Stone.

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  1. We sure as HELL hope President Trump runs again. We was a FANTASTIC President and we also believe that the President actually won this last election too.

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