Report: Satellite-Controlled Machine Gun Carried Out Assassination On Nuclear Chief

The killing of Iran’s top nuclear chief has sent shockwaves throughout the world’s political circle. Now Iran is claiming they know who did it and how it happened.

According to Iran, Israel used artificial intelligence mixed with satellite communication to carry out the attack.

Breitbart News report that according Iranian rear-admiral Ali Fadavi, “Fakhrizadeh was driving outside Iran’s capital Tehran with a security detail of 11 Guards on November 27 when the machine gun which was mounted on a Nissan pickup truck ‘zoomed in’ on his face and fired 13 rounds.”

The report continued:

The machine gun honed in on the target using an “advanced camera and artificial intelligence” and was being “controlled online,” the Mehr news agency quoted IRGC chief Fadavi as saying.

It “focused only on martyr Fakhrizadeh’s face in a way that his wife, despite being only 25 centimeters (10 inches) away, was not shot,” he said.

Israel has not taken responsibility for the actions and Iran’s report has not been confirmed.

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