Report: De Blasio’s Wife Raking In Over 2 Million…Just To Pay Her Personal Staffers

Imagine a city in the middle of a budgetary crisis so steep that merely affording trash pick up for citizens has become a problem.

Now imagine the wife of the mayor of that city have 14 personal staffers who are collectively paid over 2 million dollars. That sounds absurd, moronic, and infuriating all at once.

But that is the position Mayor Bill de Blasio finds himself after a shocking New York Post report was released detailing the city’s budget items allocated to the lady who sleeps in his bed.

Even though the city struggle to maintain its own parks, Chirlane de Blasio has had no problem funding her personal help and pet projects. One of her pet projects, a mental health initiative received 1.25 million but there is scant documentation to explain where the money has gone.

“Whatever happened to the money from ThriveNYC?” asked NYC City Councilman Eric Ulrich. “How much taxpayer money will the mayor’s wife pilfer before leaving office? How can she sleep at night hiring these hacks knowing so many other city workers are facing layoffs this fall? This is a disgrace!”

Breitbart News reports that “The first lady of New York City has a core team of eight staffers, including a videographer who gets paid $70,000 per year, according to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Post in October 2019.”

To read more about de Blasio’s wife and her newly discovered money problems, click here.

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