Rep. Roy: Nancy Pelosi ‘Needs To Go’ Because Refusal To Support Police

Rep. Chip Roy is calling for the removal of Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi over her dogged persistence to deny support to the police.

“We have all been sitting back in shock watching the complete lack of leadership in the House,” said Roy during a recent interview. “Where are they while we’re watching law enforcement officers getting attacked and, yes, watching those two deputies in Los Angeles getting shot point-blank sitting in their car, watching them then having to take care of each other while these people are just heckling them outside of a hospital and then saying that they hope they die and then watching videos where they are laughing at them from a corner.”

Roy is absolutely right. The fact that Pelosi has painted herself into a position that makes it politically advantageous to side with reckless rioters and murderers of police officers is unbelievably revealing and beyond insulting to the American people.

“The Democrats want to side with BLM, Antifa, and anarchy over our law enforcement and I am tired of it,” said Roy said. “These are 43 people that have been murdered. How many have been assaulted? How many of our communities have been burned to the ground to billions of dollars worth of damage while Nancy Pelosi is getting her hair done in a salon while not wearing a mask. The American people are tired of it. The speaker of the House needs to go.”

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