Rep. Matt Gaetz Top Official Resigns – Republicans Didn’t See It Coming…

Rep Matt Gaetz top communication director has resigned after Gaetz was named as being part of a Department of Justice investigation into possible sex trafficking of a minor.

Gaetz has strongly denied all the claims and asserts the investigation is politically motivated.

“Luke Ball, the former spokesman for the congressman, parted ways with Gaetz this week just as more reporting revealed Gaetz’s alleged involvement with women who were recruited online for sex,” reports Fox News.

“The Office of Congressman Matt Gaetz and Luke Ball have agreed that it would be best to part ways,” said a statement provided from Gaetz’s office “We thank him for his time in our office, and we wish him the best moving forward.”

While on Fox News, Gaetz denied “any allegations of wrongdoing” and claimed that he was “the target of an extortion attempt.”

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14 Responses

  1. So jump and pummel him before any proof is presented. If he is guilty, yes, he should resign. Interestingly, if he was a democrat he would just go on and ignore it and the MSM would not say a thing. Is it now being a white Republican means you can be discriminated against before any proof of guilt?

    1. Come on man, “Biden” heh when are Republicans/ conservatives going to punch back at these bastards and level the rhetoric

  2. The Deep State can make up anything to take someone down politically and it’s been ongoing for decades. The mainstream media spreads their lies for them, creating a situation that is toxic to anyone who is “normal”. This is one of the ways they use to get rid of their opposition. Gaetz should stand his ground. There is more than likely no underage girl at all. But the media will make this seem like it’s the truth.

    1. Fire every single one of them ne xt election, there is no citation in the Constitution that allows for them to suck the life out of government forever, term limits starting with th h the trashman, no more lifelong career positions

      1. No way should there be lifetime positions allowing them to get rich based upon insider knowledge heck odumbo made bank as a “community organize r” it’s bad enough that he gets perks for the rest of his life, where else can you play golf and ruin the country and get paid well for it. At least Don made things a lot better in the four years he held the Potus position

  3. These lies about Matt, are lies, He is resigning, however, as a real trooper
    who fought for the Republican party, i do not think he should resign.
    This is the dirty side of politics, and all of us know it.

  4. Every person who claimed Matt was responsible for any of these actions they claim.. Should watch out the dog could come back to get them. Making comments with out proof some day is going to get these news people. .Even under the first amendment. The story about Matt–untrue–should action be taken for all the crooks in the democratic party continually

  5. well now that they get rid of MATT now the republicans party should start to working on getting rid of SWALWELL he was fooling around with an spy and hope they do their job

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