Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Biden Is Wrong. Immigration Situation Is Absolutely a Crisis

President Joe Biden wants America to believe the new wave of illegal immigrants at the Southern border is not a crisis.

But he’s dead wrong. And Rep Dan Crenshaw isn’t going to be silent about it.

“It’s a crisis, not a ‘challenge’ or ‘situation,'” said Crenshaw while appearing on Fox News. “And it’s a crisis that’s absolutely preventable if Joe Biden didn’t incentivize illegal immigration.”

And Crenshaw is right. Biden is is giving illegal immigrants a reason to surge on the border and overwhelm our agents. By reversing Trump’s rule and allowing asylum claimant to remain in the country pending a final outcome, Biden is album guaranteeing the numbers will increases.

It’s well established that the number of valid asylum claims is about 10%.

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9 Responses

  1. We have a moron for a President who couldn’t care less for the American citizens but worries about illegals that shouldn’t be here in the first place. HE IS A TYPICAL DEMORAT THAT WORRIES ABOUT POWER AND THE ILLEGAL VOTE ONLY. NOW, HE IS TURNING AMERICA INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY LIKE VENEZULA. BIDEN ALL THIS BS IS ON YOUR HEAD AND THE REST OF THE DEMORAT PARTY ,YOU MORON!

    That is why you are where you are, through corruption and fraud by the idiotic DEMORAT PARTY. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  2. hope all you biden supporters are happy ! he’s that ‘nice’ gentleman you wanted in the white house ! go trump !

  3. You all must know that Biden is not the one implementing all this chaos. He doesn’t even know where he is. It’s that ex-pole dancer barmaid and that pelosi, AKA..the Bag and the Hag…behind all of it. They are only using Bidet’s name for now but soon he will be ‘resigned’ and quietly ‘go away’..maybe ala Clinton.

    1. Yes!! Yes!!! i agree. Those bad dogs are just use Biden for dirty work. Half of the time, i don’t think he no’s he is the president. It is a sad deal!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don’t blame me. I voted for Trump. All you leftist liberal dimwits voted for the Bozo and we all are going to pay for his stupid antics. I hope you are all proud of yourself. You are the ones that are working to destroy this great constitutional republic.

  5. Hope all you Biden supporter are happy that you put this country in harms way. Still think Joe is all that and a bag of chips.

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