Record Level Virus Cases Are Baffling Experts Because Masks Are Being Worn

The decrees from the thrones of the almighty leaders have been clear. Wear Thy Masks. And henceforth, in churches, gyms, restaurants and schools, people either distanced, wore masks or stayed home.

And yet the number of cases is reportedly surging.

According to Breitbart News, “U.S. governors have imposed state and regional mask mandates that have been in effect for months in 32 states and Puerto Rico where coronavirus infections have reached record-high numbers and were still rising as of the end of Wednesday during the ongoing fall surge.”

Every state but Hawaii has seen a significant climb in cases despite rules about masks being in place.

“Governors in 36 states have enacted statewide face-covering orders. Meanwhile, local officials have implemented mask mandates in several jurisdictions in the remaining 14 states,” reports Breitbart.

But the cases are still climbing according to CDC numbers.

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