Recent SCOTUS Transgender Decision Defied By DOJ

The United States Supreme Court Is The Highest Authority in the land. But even that is not enough to bring the Department of Justice in line.

According to a disturbing report from Breitbart News, “a justice department memo that says the Supreme Court’s pro-transgender decision in 2020 does not apply to single-sex sports, education practices, and sexual privacy.”

Apparently, the DOJ memo reveals that because the DOJ worked really hard on writing their rules, they don’t have to follow the ones set by the Supreme Court. Or something along those lines.

“The Department’s regulations recognizing the male/female biological binary [in athletics] carry extra weight and interpretative authority because they were the product of uniquely robust and direct Congressional review,” says the memo.

I’m pretty sure I missed the day in civics class that says if I get a lot of important people to agree on something, then it overrules the Supreme Court.

This is America in 2021.

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