Rahm Emanuel Says GOP Will ‘Regret’ Confirming Justice Barret

Obama croney, Rahm Emanuel, is giving a a dark warning to the Republican Party over the recent confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

After the Republicans confirmed the justice, Emanuel said “I do think the Republicans will regret this.”

Emanuel went on to claim the Republicans were being hypocritical. “Not only what they did here, but what they did to Merrick Garland at the end of 2016. They’ve twice now bent the rules and cracked them and broken them to basically seize power of the Supreme Court and politicized the Supreme Court.”

Of course, Emanuel didn’t mention the scandals of the Obama presidency while he was chief of staff. Neither did he mention there was historical precedent for doing exactly what the GOP did.

Emanuel said the fallout will be huge. He predicted a political tidal wave of retribution if Biden wins the election. “I think it’s going to lead, in my own view, assuming the election turns out how I think where Joe Biden will get elected, and the Democrats most likely take the Senate, it will bring a change to the filibuster rule. I think it will help the Senate because it will make it a legislative body again rather than a body of obstruction.”

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