President Trump: Election Day Will “Tremendous Disruption” Due To Mail In Ballots

President Donald Trump said that unlike previous years, 2020 will be uniquely difficult to administer the election results because of the increase in mail-in voting.

While appearing on Fox News with Mark Levin, Trump said the increase in mail-in ballots would cause a “tremendous disruption.”

“[The Democrats] know it doesn’t work because there have been many races using this over the last 14, 15 months — and I heard there was one yesterday or the day before yesterday, the ballots are so mixed up,” said Trump.

Then Trump blamed some of the problems on “partisan” governors.

“It’s a very tough situation… You look at these governors and you look at — I mean, I don’t want to insult anybody, but take a look at some of these governors that are in charge of the ballots — beyond partisan — in many cases political hacks,” said Trump.

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