Poll: Disapproval of Nancy Pelosi and impeachment inquiry skyrockets

Nancy Pelosi got a nasty shock yesterday when the results of a poll found that nearly a majority of registered voters disapprove of her job performance. 

Just as we suspected, a Washington Post/ABC News poll found that, regardless of party preference, 48% of adults aren’t satisfied with her performance as speaker of the House and 38% outright disapprove of her.

In an even more devastating turn of events, multiple recent surveys suggest that Nancy Pelosi may be even more unpopular than Donald Trump.

A recently released USA Today/Suffolk poll found that 51% of voters disapprove or strongly disapprove of the Speaker’s job performance, and only 34 percent had an actually favorable view of Pelosi.

Donald Trump remains a polarizing figure, with an unfavorable rating of almost 52%, but his favorable rating sits at about 43.6% among voters. Americans either love him or they hate him, as they always have, but Nancy Pelosi is experiencing a precipitous drop in popularity as the impeachment inquiry moves forward.

When the polls’ focus turned towards Democrat voters’ view of impeachment, the results show even more bad news for Pelosi and her impeachment cohort.

The USA Today/Suffolk poll found that only 36% of Democrat voters are on board with the House voting to remove Trump and 37% of respondents actually indicated that the House should end the impeachment probe.

Nancy Pelosi has attempted to play both sides of the field for weeks, resisting formalizing the impeachment inquiry while allowing Adam Schiff (D-CA) to run wild with his closed-door hearings. This strategy has massively backfired on Pelosi, and it will probably intensify as Democrats plunge the nation deeper into the impeachment frenzy.

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