Nancy Pelosi agrees to move forward on Trump’s USMCA deal

After weeks of pressure, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has finally given up and ended the silent war over the USMCA trade deal.

For several weeks now, Trump, along with many other Republicans, has been calling Pelosi out for her refusal to directly address the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that’s been sitting on her desk.

The new agreement sets out to overhaul the NAFTA treaty and is expected to create “north of 176,000 new jobs,” and add $34 billion to the beleaguered US auto industry. Long-term, the agreement could add more than half a million new jobs to the US economy, according to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Trump has called upon Nancy Pelosi to push the USMCA through, but Pelosi, along with most House Democrats, has been too busy with impeachment to address the issue. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro came out on Monday and said that Pelosi is the “one person holding this up.”

Navarro predicted that Pelosi’s focus on impeachment and undermining Trump’s foreign policy decisions at the UN Climate Summit instead of addressing the trade deal that’s been languishing on her desk for weeks could cost her the speakership.

It seems that Pelosi may have been listening to Navarro’s warnings though, because it was just announced on Tuesday that Pelosi has finally backed down and given her blessing to move forward on Trump’s much-anticipated deal.

Pelosi indicated that she hopes to pass legislation before Christmas, but the announcement of the USMCA deal came within just hours of House Democrats rolling out two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. It remains to be seen which item Nancy Pelosi will actually choose to focus the House’s energy on, but it’s not hard to guess.

Read more about the provisions of the USCMA here.

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