Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi leaks details of White House visit with Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, was allowed into the White House shortly after Trump’s inauguration to film a segment for one of her documentaries.

The notably leftist filmmaker took advantage of the opportunity to leak information about the visit to the writers of the recently released “A Very Stable Genius,” Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig.

Pelosi was invited to film the president reading a section of the constitution as part of her “Words That Built America” film. Pelosi told Rucker and Leonnig that Trump became irritated at the language used in the document, at one point remarking that “It’s like a foreign language.”

Pelosi continued, “Donald Trump is a celebrity and he came to perform, he had not practiced it beforehand. I don’t think anyone would show up to read the Constitution without practicing it first.”

Breitbart reports that “Other leaked details included staff ordering the makeup artist not to touch the president’s hair, and to only have light powder for his face and a warm glow lighting that made him look ‘orange.'”

Alexandra Pelosi has followed in her Mother’s footsteps of using her platform to attack Trump at every turn. In 2015, the filmmaker labeled Trump’s campaign as a “freak show,” predicting that “at some point, it’s all going to crash and burn.”

After her prediction was proven wrong in 2016, she filmed a separate documentary entitled “Outside the Bubble,” a film that attempted to understand and portray Trump supporters and the political divide within the country. However, as Vice noted, Pelosi came off in the film as “a biased interviewer feigning objectivity.”

Pelosi also made headlines in 2012 when she united with liberal TV host Bill Maher to bash southern voters ahead of their primaries.

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