NY Bar Serves ‘Cuomo Chips’ To Get Around Gov’s Coronavirus Rule

Where there’s a will, there’s way. And if you are at Harvey’s Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, there’s also $1 dollar bowl of chips.

After Governor Andrew Cuomo made a new rule requiring alcohol sales to only accompany the sale of food, Harvey’s began to sell a bag of chips to its patrons to get around the limitation.

Harvey’s Co-owner Matthew Bagley told FOX Business that “the Cuomo Chips are doing well.”

“The reason we came up with them is that, you know, we have been constantly evolving and changing as executive orders are being passed on,”said Bailey, “Now we have to impose another limitation on our guests, so we named them ‘Cuomo Chips,’ because we have to have you purchase food.”

Bagley admitted that he didn’t intend to make a political statement but only wanted to make light of the executive order.

To read more about the ‘Cuomo chips’ and how they went viral, click here.

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