No More American Data For China, Says Pompeo

China and its corrupt communist regime have been taking advantage of America for far too long. President Donald Trump and his administration are not taking it any more.

In a blunt push back against China’s hostility, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the US won’t be handing over American data to China.

“We have been engaged in a constant evaluation about ensuring that we protect the privacy of American citizens and their information as it transits, so this doesn’t relate to any one particular business or company but rather to American national security,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo had been asked about report of banning Chinese-owned Tik-Tok, a popular social media app that can allegedly access private data of its users and transmit it to Chinese parties.

“The infrastructure of this next hundred years must be a communications infrastructure that’s based on a Western ideal of private property and protection of private citizens’ information in a transparent way,” said Pompeo. “That is not the model that Chinese Communist Party software and hardware companies are engaged in.”

To read more about Pompeo and Trump’s fight against the corrupt communist party within China, click here.

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