Nikki Haley: Trump Has Always Put America First

In what some are calling a highlight of the first night of the Republican National Convention, Nikki Haley supported President Donald Trump’s agenda and stood by his legacy.

Haley said Trump has always put the “American people first.” However, she didn’t have as positive of a view of Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden is a very good guy. I know him, I mean he’s just as nice as they come,” said Haley during a later interview. “But that’s just the problem.”

“We saw what happens when you try and be nice at the United Nations,” continued Haley. “Basically everybody was running over America when Obama and Biden were in there.”

Haley didn’t stop there. She said Biden is “weak on foreign policy, he wants to raise taxes, which is going to hurt 82% of Americans if we go through what he’s doing, they want to put all these regulations down on small businesses.”

To read more of Haley’s comments, click here.

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