Nancy Pelosi Spreads Fake Trump Conspiracy

This fake “scandal” involving President Donald Trump’s phone call to Ukraine is getting out of hand. It’s obvious at this point that Democrats are pushing a fake narrative.

Last Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed a wild conspiracy that RUSSIA was also somehow involved in Trump’s dealings with Ukraine:

“I think Russia has a hand in this, by the way. We saw what the Russian disruption of our election last time, their interference, 100% confidence of the intelligence community, high confidence in the intelligence community, that the Russians disrupted our election. That was wrong. The integrity of our elections is central to our democracy. So what the president did in inviting outside intervention into our election, it goes beyond the pale.”

This is absolute nonsense. Robert Mueller’s investigation found no ievidence of collusion with Russia. Either Pelosi is completely ignoring the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation – or she’s just LYING to hurt Trump’s reputation.

It’s time to hold Democrats like Pelosi accountable. Trump’s phone call to Ukraine was NOT wrong. And it’s pretty clear that Russia was NOT involved. Pelosi’s conspiracies are unfounded and ridiculous.

You can read the full story yourself here.

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