Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump Is a Hoax

Nancy Pelosi needs to set sail to some retirement island before this gets much worse.

Her the only thing more awful than her scarf fashion is her logic.

Her most recent absurdity is calling President Trump a “hoax” in response to a question about Trump calling the New York Times coverage of the alleged Russian bounties.

“He’ll say, ‘This is a hoax,’ and it’s a hoax that they are 24/7 trying to disrupt our election as they did in 2016,” said Pelosi. “He says that coronavirus is a hoax. The fact is the president himself is a hoax.”

Uh ok, Nancy. Might want to take your afternoon nap and rethink your life choices.

To read more about Pelosi comments on Trump, click here. (I promise the link isn’t a hoax.)

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