Murkowski and Alexander to vote against witnesses in Senate trial

Wildcard GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) have finally decided to vote against calling new witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, dashing Democrat hopes and paving the way for a swift victory for Donald Trump.

Alexander said late Thursday night that he would vote against bringing new witnesses to the  “shallow, hurried and wholly partisan” impeachment trial.

Alexander ripped the partisan proceedings, saying, “the framers believed that there should never, ever be a partisan impeachment. That is why the Constitution requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate for conviction. Yet not one House Republican voted for these articles.”

Shortly thereafter, Murkowski announced on Friday morning, “I carefully considered the need for additional witnesses and documents, to cure the shortcomings of its process, but ultimately decided that I will vote against considering motions to subpoena.”

In order for Democrats to force the issue of calling more witnesses, four Republicans would have to cross the aisle. So far, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are the only Republicans to publically declare their support for calling new witnesses.

Murkowski and Alexander were the only two other GOP Senators that were, up until this point, reportedly on the fence. With this declaration, a speedy acquittal of Trump is nearly a foregone conclusion.

A vote regarding the issue of new witnesses is scheduled for Friday afternoon. If the votes fall as expected, there is some speculation that an acquittal vote could shortly follow.

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