MSNBC: Use The 25th Amendment To Remove Donald Trump

The tin-hat anti-Trump crowd on MSNBC continues to set new records for fewest viewers and wildest conspiracies.

Their newest shameful piece masquerading as “news” involves threatening Donald Trump with removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

Mike Barnicle, a MSNBC contributor, said President Trump’s recent speech proved the commander and chief was “mentally ill.”

Barnicle called for Trump to be removed via the 25ht Amendment “before more damage can be done.”

“Where are the Republican United States senators who perhaps heard of or listened to that 46-minute mentally ill rant last night from the president of the United States?” asked Barnicle.

Barnicle made no comment on the national trade progress, economic boom, and huge recovery made under Trump’s administration. Neither did Barnicle address the many mental lapses, verbal gaffes, or absurd flip-flops made by Joe Biden.

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