Movement Grows To Impeach Democrat Governor Of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a democrat, is now facing increased calls for his impeachment.

The impeachment cry is growing louder because Wolf is refusing to open the economy. But not just that, Wolf is accusing those who are going against his order of engaging in a “cowardly act.” Wolf is also “issuing threats to businesses that fail to comply with his directives.”

“The Wolf Administration’s threats against Counties and small businesses today were an unacceptable declaration of war,” said Republican House candidate, Danny Devito. “I am calling on the General Assembly to impeach Wolf and Fetterman and I am calling on elected officials and candidates to join me in this declaration.

See the petition below:

Pennsylvania House Republicans took issue with the governor’s words and responded. “That is not cowardice; it is patriotism,” they said.

To read more about the impeachment efforts against Wolf, click here.

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