BREAKING: Top Democrat Getting Off Scott FREE – Criminal Charges Going Away…

Unbelievably, Nassau County prosecutors have declined to charge Andrew Cuomo over sexual misconduct allegations, despite calling the claims “credible” and “deeply troubling.”

“Our exhaustive investigation found the allegations credible, deeply troubling, but not criminal under New York law.”

Well, then it would seem as though there is a flaw in New York law.

The exact claim that was being investigated was from an unidentified state trooper who alleged that Cuomo “ran the palm of his left hand across her abdomen, to her belly button and then to her right hip” while she was holding a door open for him.

This does NOT mean that Cuomo is completely innocent, however. The investigation pertained ONLY to this specific incident, which leaves about 1,000 other incidents that Cuomo could possibly be charged for.

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