Mike Pence Says QAnon Conspiracy Theory Needs To Go Away

Vice President Pence made it clear he isn’t buying the QAnon conspiracy theory.

While giving an interview to CBS, Pence was insistent, “I don’t know anything about that conspiracy theory. I don’t know anything about QAnon, and I dismiss it out of hand.”

The CBS interviewer went on to push Pence saying that QAnon “is a group that the FBI has warned very likely motivates some domestic extremists to commit criminal sometime violent activity This is a group conspiracy theory and that some politicians and high-profile Hollywood celebrities are a member of the satanic cult, that are also cannibals. They also say coronavirus is being disseminated by George Soros and Bill Gates with the help of 5G networks.” Then the interviewer attempted to bait Pence by claiming Trump had embraced QAnon.

Pence didn’t take the bait.

“You said the president seemed to embrace it. I didn’t hear that,” said Pence. “I heard the president talk about he appreciates people that support him.”

To read more of Pence’s comments, click here.

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