Melania Trump Exposes What Joe Biden Is Lacking

In a last minute speech, Melania Trump blasted Joe Biden for his lack of results in 47 years of political employment.

According to the First Lady, Biden is a “career politician of over four decades with no results to point to.”

Mrs. Trump noted that Biden should not be trusted:

When rioters and looters were burning our cities and wrecking small businesses that belong to hard-working families and bring jobs to our communities, where were the Democrats? Why should we trust Joe Biden when he suggests he can do a better job?

Compared to her husband’s motto of putting America first, Melania Trump said Biden’s history showed he was not committed to the people of America. “All you have to do is look back on his 47 years in political life to determine whether you think he is suddenly capable of putting the American people first,” said Trump.

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