Maxine Waters: Rioters Are Succeeding Where Prayers Failed

Rep. Maxine Waters thinks the men and women of faith who spend their time praying to God for racial healing are failures. She thinks the rioters have a better way of doing things.

I’m not making this up.

“People should be thankful because these young people are doing what legislation has not been able to accomplish, the ministers begging and praying have not been able to achieve, and it goes on, and on, and on,” said Waters.

Take a minute to soak that in.

According to Waters, the violent rioters are a better option than praying and changing the law.

You might think that Waters would at least admit the country should be concerned about the violence and danger of the riots and protests. But you would be wrong.

“While there are many who are concerned about the protests, I don’t think people need to be concerned about the protests,” Waters said.

To read more about Water’s comments, click here.

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